Up-&-Coming Duo Eflorem Remixed JackEl’s “We Belong” Single Giving It A New Life


Up-&-Coming Duo Eflorem Remixed JackEl’s “We Belong” Single Giving It A New Life

Exciting electronic music duo Eflorem dropped their second release of the year after having unprecedented success with their earlier single “With You,” a remix of JackEl’s single called “We Belong.” The LA-based duo successfully take the already polished track and give it their signature Eflorem twist, a remix that takes the track to an EDM heaven that’s full of positive energies and utopian ambiance. 

Extending the life of the song for the second time, Eflorem’s remix dials up the bass, whilst JackEl’s anthemic chorus is supplemented via the use of electrifying synth beats and a series of escalating rhythms that transcend positivity throughout the song. Eflorem basically takes the action-packed banger to a hectic realm that’s full of what seems randomized beats and sounds at first listen. However, after a few seconds in, the listener can feel order within the chaos and resonate with Eflorem’s everlasting rhythms.

Eflorem has been enjoying a successful run as of recent time with their newly released hit single “With You” that has been on every EDM lover’s playlist. After years of developing and honing their skills, the duo is finally set to become a household name within the EDM and pop community. Their latest remix of “We Belong” also shows the diversity of the talented producers while their audio-post production company is a testament to their editing and sound engineering skills. 

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