Young Bombs Join Forces With Robinson For "High Road"


Young Bombs Join Forces With Robinson For "High Road"

Robinson’s ‘Watching You’ EP

Country-EDM has been a thing since Maren Morris joined Zedd for “The Middle,” but the sub-genre has really exploded of late with Diplo and many others jumping on the trend. The latest genre-defying anthem comes from Young Bombs. The Canadian production duo teams up with breakout pop star Robinson for a sing-along tune called “High Road.” (Now is as good a time as any to check out her excellent Watching You EP, if you haven’t already). “Sorry I ruined our weekend in Tahoe,” the Kiwi vocalist begins over synths. “I made a scene, took the car and I drove home.”

However, this is not a breakup song. “You caught a flight and you showed up the next day,” Robinson continues. “You walked through the door and I knew it was ok.” That leads us to the booming chorus: “You take the high road, I roll with the low blows and you keep me grounded when I am unstable.” What inspired the song? “Our whole lives, we used to take the low road,” Young Bombs explain. “Over the past year, we began taking the middle road. On April 3, 2020, we will finally begin taking the high road.” Listen to their latest banger below.

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