Nardwuar vs. J.Cole


Nardwuar vs. J.Cole

Doot doo.

After 11 years since their last interview, J.Cole reunited with Nardwuar for their long-overdue interview.

During last month’s Day N Vegas, the two chopped it up inside Windmark Recording studio where Nardwuar gifted Cole a J. Dilla turntable and rare original tracks that the rapper sampled. Cole discussed the use behind the music, the origins of his first rap name The Therapist, and other gems including an unknown fact that Cole recommended Dr. Dre to sign Kendrick Lamar.

“Who told you that? Who gave you that piece of information?” J. Cole said. “The answer is, yes. I did. I’m not gonna say I was the first to tell him. I was like, ‘Yo, you gotta sign this kid from Compton’.”

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