Video: Action Bronson “SubZero”


Video: Action Bronson “SubZero”

Bam Bam!

After a brief hiatus, Action Bronson is back on the hunt with “SubZero”, his first single since his 2020, Only For Dolphin album.

Anchored by The Alchemist, the Flushing, Queens rapper floods the track with a cold flow filled with his braggadocious raps. The breathtaking video spots Young Baklava riding the waves during a tsunami in New York, hanging off a car in the scorching desert, and in the ocean with crocodiles.

“SubZero” is the first single off Bronson’s forthcoming album, Cocodrillo Turbo, which is due April 29.

“I don’t feel like I’m given the fucking respect that I deserve. I first came up with this album while in the water,” said Bronson in a statement. “I’ve spent many lifetimes in the water. I’m just a water man. I was born in the water, I’m a water sign.”

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