Video: FishXGrits Ft. Jay Worthy “Simps”


Video: FishXGrits Ft. Jay Worthy “Simps”

Calling all simps.

Fresh off the release of his The Making Of A P, Atlanta’s FishXGrits keeps his pimp game strong in his new video featuring and produced by Jay Worthy.

Directed by Jefferson Productions, the pair post up on the block while a few fellas show off their excessive submissions towards a group of ladies.

“Simps” is a poke at all the guys that claim to be “pimps” but are really “Simps!” They may learn the lingo, and how to act like a “pimp,” but if you were to enter their household you would clearly see otherwise”, FishXGrits asserts. “Pillow talking, emotional tirades, and love making are the characteristics of a typical “Simp.” Hope you enjoy it!”

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