Video: Khalid “Satellite”


Video: Khalid “Satellite”

Like a satellite crossing through my mind.

With his new album in the horizon, Khalid touches down first with its latest offering, “Satellite”.

Produced by Chrome Sparks, Khalid croons a newfound love that is slowly drifting away. “Saw the news / All of a sudden left me so confuse,” Khalid sings. “They’re tеlling stories that you’re leaving soon / Thеy’ll never know what you’ve been going through, ooh-ooh-ooh”.

In the futuristic video, directed by Levi Turner, Khalid’s is warped through his computer where grooves to the music with his fellow dancers before being transported into outer space.

“Satellite” is the latest offering off his forthcoming Everything Is Changing, which has previously released “Skyline” and “Last Call”.

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