Video: Tee Grizzley “Jay & Twan 3”


Video: Tee Grizzley “Jay & Twan 3”

It’s all love.

The story of the neighborhood crooks Jay and Twan continues in Tee Grizzley’s latest visual.

Following their rift, the unfortunate situation unfolds with more drama, a shooting, and a reconciliation before a twisted ending.

“Twan got up, them niggas embraced each other,” Tee Grizzley raps over the Helluva Beats-production. “Can’t shit come between them, they closer than real brothers / “I crossed you and that wasn’t my job as a brother.” / “Kill me, I still trust you, show you I still love you.”

In addition to “Jay & Twan 3”, Tee Grizzley’s Chapters Of The Trenches also includes “Ms Evans” (1 & 2), “Tez & Tone” (1 & 2), “Robbery” (4 & 5), “Free Baby Grizz Part 3“, and more.

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