Video: Tee Grizzley “Tez & Tone 2”


Video: Tee Grizzley “Tez & Tone 2”

From the yard to the grave.

The story of hustlers “Tez & Tone” continues in the latest video off Tee Grizzley’s visual album, Chapters Of The Trenches.

In “Tez & Tone 2”, disloyalty and murder ensues between the uncle and nephew duo. After Tone gets knocked by the feds, he rats out Tez before Tez’s female accomplice murders him.

“Meanwhile Tez tellin’ the nurse, “Pack up your shit, bitch” / He turn around, she was holding up a big blick,” raps Tee Grizzley over J.R. Rotem’s beat. “Hit him in his head four times, now his shit split / And Tone can’t tell on no dead nigga.”

At the penitentiary, Tone meets inmate Kane where they plot an escape, but quickly ends with a deadly twist. “It’s a guard in here sayin’ for an M, we can escape,” Tee continues from the prison yard. “Tone like, “It ain’t shit to get a light million” / Turned to the guard, that’s when dog put that knife in him / His old crew put a hit on him through Kane.”

In addition to “Tez & Tone 2”, Tee Grizzley’s Chapters Of The Trenches also includes “Ms Evans” (1 & 2), “Jay & Twan” (1 & 2), “Robbery” (4 & 5), “Free Baby Grizz Part 3“, and more.

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