Duff McKagan, Joan Jett, Sebastian Bach Remember Punk Rock Stylist Jimmy Webb


Duff McKagan, Joan Jett, Sebastian Bach Remember Punk Rock Stylist Jimmy Webb

An outpouring of support from rockers like Duff McKagan, Joan Jett, Sebastian Bach and the members of Blondie flooded Twitter upon the news of Jimmy Webb, the punk rock stylist who was a fixture in New York City’s East Village punk scene and a buyer at the punk haunt Trash & Vaudeville (and more recently, was the proprietor of I Need More), died.

According to the New York Post, he was 62. Trash & Vaudeville and I Need More didn’t immediately respond to SPIN’s request for confirmation.

“We are all going to miss our wonderful friend Jimmy Webb,” Blondie singer Debbie Harry told The Post. “There goes a lovely unique NYC character. I feel lucky to have known him.”

“My pal…the sweetest man and pure punk f*cking rock n roll. Jimmy has SUCH a story, and my family and I feel honored and loved to be a small part of his triumphant tale. We love you Jimmy…we will miss you…,” Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan said of the stylist in a tweet.

RIP Jimmy Webb. He was a legend on NYC rock & roll scene & known for dressing so many rock guys. Was such a good dude. We did a segment with him once at Trash & Vaudeville on @ThatMetalShow . Very sad to hear of his passing. Condolences to friends & family,” Eddie Trunk wrote.

“Our friend, Jimmy Webb, a legend and a St. Marks St. legend, stylist of the punks, famous and not, has passed. I’m so very sad and we’ll all miss your energetic, warm soul. The city will not be the same without you,” Joan Jett wrote in her own tweet.

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