Maddy Allen’s Powerfully Emotive Sound Is All Over “Flowers”


Maddy Allen’s Powerfully Emotive Sound Is All Over “Flowers”

American pop artist Maddy Allen displays her limitless imagination, strength of structure, and astonishing range of mood, on her latest single titled “Flowers”. 

Maddy Allen’s powerfully emotive music and undisputed talent as songwriter have kept her in a creative zone from where she can unleash all the freshness, sincerity and freedom from affectation or artificiality in her unique sound. 

Welcome To The Cage was also released a few months ago, and is Maddy Allen’s debut solo album and her most intimate creation to date. It contains a beautiful and honest collection of songs, coming straight from the heart. 

Intensely cinematic, “Flowers” is another surreal project that showcases this emerging artist’s incredible maturity and imagination previously seen on her debut album Welcome To The Cage

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