Pearl Jam Fans Can Choose Songs for a Set List With Eddie Vedder


Pearl Jam Fans Can Choose Songs for a Set List With Eddie Vedder

If you ever wanted to pick your own Pearl Jam setlist and give Eddie Vedder tips on how the night should flow — well, now your armchair quarterbacking dreams can come true.

Vedder accepted the All-In Challenge offered by Laura Dern. Basically, what that means, in short, is that celebs are giving away one-of-a-kind or meaningful possessions (see below) or offering experiences (see below) to eliminate food security during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this case, it means getting the ultimate Pearl Jam experience and in this case, it’s for your birthday.

See it yourself:

Join legendary Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Vedder, for a concert experience you’ll never forget. You’ll start the day off with a soundcheck, where you’ll work with Eddie on the setlist for the night. Enjoy your view from good seats and then the soundboard for the first half of the show, and take your spot on the side of the stage for the second half. While you’re up there, Eddie will put you to work as a crew member and also share a bottle from his personal red wine stash with you. You’ll ultimately join Eddie and the band on stage for a “birthday” celebration, where the crowd will sing to you and you’ll get to blow out the candles on your cake. After an unforgettable night, you’ll take home your gift — your own Fender Telecaster guitar, signed by the Grammy Award-winning band.

Basically, it’s your favorite Pearl Jam fan’s dream. If you’re down, check it out here.

See Vedder answer the call from Dern below

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