Watch Dave Grohl Serenade NYC Nurse with 'Everlong'


Watch Dave Grohl Serenade NYC Nurse with 'Everlong'

Artists across the music world are sharing their immense gratitude for the healthcare workers on the frontline with some epic cover performances. However, Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl fulfilled one fan’s dream with a special serenade.

TJ Riley, an emergency and trauma nurse at Jacobi Medical Center in Bronx, New York, has been home recovering from COVID-19, and Jimmy Kimmel wanted to highlight his hard work and efforts during his #HealthCareHero segment last night (April 27). But what Riley didn’t know until later was that Grohl would also appear on the video call.

Riley was already reeling from the surprise appearance but didn’t expect to also get a performance of “Everlong” on top of it. Kimmel also gave him $10,000 and gift packages for every nurse in his department care of Life Is Good.

Watch Kimmel and Grohl’s moving surprise below:

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