AZ Ft. Fat Joe “How We Get It”

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AZ Ft. Fat Joe “How We Get It”


Sosa and the Don.

AZ connects with Fat Joe on his new single, “Howe We Get It”

Produced by Buckwild, AZ keeps it fly and gritty while Joey Crack delivers a braggadocious verse.

“Bubbling crack before this rap shit / Humble cat, but believe I let the mack spit, raps Sosa. “Shit, you either stack or hustle backwards / Stay strapped to stay in school and get your bachelors,” he continues before Don Cartagena follows suit.

Joey raps, “This vato loco got the game in a choke hold / You little the no go / Got houses on both coast / How I bodied them haters and enemies / If I kill ’em with success, that’s too many R.I.P.s.”

“How We Get It” follows AZ’s previous releases “Respect Mines“, “This Is Why” and “Goat“. All will be featured on AZ’s upcoming album, Truth Be Told. It’s produced entirely by Buckwild and it impacts Friday (Dec. 1).

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