Conway The Machine, Wun Two “Cosca”

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Conway The Machine, Wun Two “Cosca”


It’s that time.

Conway The Machine and producer Wun Two are still at it with their latest single, “Cosca”.

Over Wun Two’s spaced-out instrumental, Conway delivers a killer 16 followed by a short outro sung by GooseByTheWay.

“I’ma get it with the stove / I’ma split it with the bros,” raps Conway. “Y’all get a bag and spend it with the hoes / Thеy thought they had the drop, but a nigga on his toes / Got switchеs on the Glocks, bro gon’ hit em with the pole.”

“Cosca” follows Conway The Machine and Wun Two’s “Brick By Brick” and “Montagna” featuring GooseByTheWay. Conway and Wun’s Palermo is penciled in for December 22.

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