Dave East, Vado “DeNiro & Pesci”

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Dave East, Vado “DeNiro & Pesci”


No more shines, Billy.

Dave East and Vado are some Goodfellas on their new record, “DeNiro & Pesci”.

Produced by Sap, the Harlem duo deliver their street-oriented raps dripped in their Uptown swag.

“Out of town with a dope line had some nickies like Safarees / Dimes sold for 25 when I was yelling free Charlie,” raps East, while Vado follows suit. “Like Casino, we play the phone for seconds / Switch cars and locks before meeting up in the desert.”

“DeNiro & Pesci” serves as a prelude to Dave East and Vado’s forthcoming collaborative album which will be released in early 2024.

“V and I have been locked in for the longest, that’s family, it’s only right we team and up do something for the town,” says Dave East.  “2/3 of The Council are back with more heat, and just wait until we drop the album” Vado adds. 

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