Deezy Baby 971 Drops New Single “Silver Spoon (I Did It)”

Deezy Baby 971 Drops New Single "Silver Spoon (I Did It)"
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Deezy Baby 971 Drops New Single “Silver Spoon (I Did It)”

Deezy Baby is back again with another potential hit single, “Silver Spoon (I Did It).” Deezy Baby, known for his painfully honest and vivid storytelling, does it again on this record.

In contrast, Deezy‘s origins can be traced to Guadeloupe, where he identified his love for music at the fragile age of 2. He was heeded more by some of the most legendary rappers to ever hold the mic: 2Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. Of all these artists, he derived influences that would help him sculpt his style—gritty realism, life experience, and complicated, thoughtful, and challenging lyrics.

Silver Spoon (I Did It)” is another anthem to his come-up from humble beginnings. Starting with raw, hard-hitting beats and strong lyrics, Deezy announces, “I wasn’t born with no silver spoon, but lil nigga I did it.” The song is all about grit, determination, and success against all odds.

Over the years, Deezy’s career has been littered with some brilliant releases. His previous single, “It Ain’t Personal,” was a poignant reminder of just how raw his life has been, but it was edgy authenticity with the ability to craft infectious hooks. “Don’t Fuck With tha Kid” further entrenched the reputation, casting the spotlight on the music industry with a clarion call by him for artists to live a life of truth.

In the meantime, given his name in the music industry, Deezy has also gained ground as an entrepreneur; recently, he has set up Black Water Records, an independent label. Black Water Records, which he has successfully set up as an independent label, though fairly new to the music industry, champions creative freedom and autonomy. He has supported other artists through his label by giving them a platform to showcase their talent without losing control over their work.

“Silver Spoon (I Did It)” picks up where the Deezy story left off. Broadly speaking, the track underscores his capability to weave his own stories with general social commentaries, making his music something anybody could relate to. The single may be an indication of past struggles and wins, but in and of itself, it is testimony to the pathway he has been treading on and developing as an artist. One of the strongest qualities that have managed to connect Deezy with his audience is music, hence creating a huge fan base for himself. His sound has been likened to the greatest in the game, such as Tyler Childers and Zach Bryan, who are very strong on storytelling and depth. However, his sound is original—blues, alt-country, and Americana influences all mixed into something that transcribes small-town life and the struggles of regular folk.

For sure, “Silver Spoon (I Did It)” is another entry that Deezy Baby 971 enthusiasts have to hear in his discography. The single is available on all major streaming platforms, and it is there to ensure that everyone has a taste of that raw energy and truth that he breathes into his work.

Stream Deezy’s “Silver Spoon (I Did It)” here:

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