EarthGang “Blacklight”

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EarthGang “Blacklight”


Tap in boo.

Dreamville’s EarthGang preaches self-confidence and love on their brand new single, “Blacklight”.

Over Nandish Patel’s funked-out production, Olu and WowGr8 comfort the ladies and urge them to embrace themselves despite their flaws and struggles.

“What gets you wetter than acceptance? You ain’t gotta be no angel in my presence,” raps Olu. “We all got a past that points to where we headed / Ain’t it funny how your scars all point in my direction.”

“Blacklight” is the first single off their forthcoming project, Earthgang Vs. The Algorithm Vol. 2: Robophobia the follow-up to their RIP Human Art EP in September.

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