Invest Fest 2023

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Invest Fest 2023

Invest Fest’s second year was a captivating fusion of hip-hop. finance, and investing, uniting legendary artists to share their financial insights, journeys to success, and even their setbacks. VIP Night kicked off with Jermaine Dupri discussing So So Def’s remarkable 30-year legacy alongside Terrence J. The night was further amplified by SYMBA’s performance, culminating in an electrifying closing act by Ja Rule, joined by the special guest Jim Jones.

Day 2 intensified the excitement. Diddy took center stage, sharing his personal processes and candidly as best as he could addressing the Diago situation. A standout moment occurred when Diddy presented a staggering $1,000,000.00 check to Earn Your Leisure.

Day 3 the pinnacle of the event was the appearance of Robert F Smith, the richest Black man in US history with an astonishing $100 billion net worth. Smith’s interview with Steve Harvey was a profound exploration of his journey. Rich Paul and other luminaries contributed to the day’s wealth of knowledge.

Bringing the festival to a close, Jeezy engaged in an interview with Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure. Jeezy’s performance of his hit tracks provided an exhilarating finale to the Invest Fest Weekend.

While challenges like technical difficulties and logistical hurdles surfaced throughout the weekend, Rap Radar’s photographer expertly captured moments that framed the finance and investing narrative from a hip-hop lens. Looking ahead, refining the process to better accommodate photographers, especially during main acts, will undoubtedly enhance the experience for everyone involved. As the event evolves, it promises to deliver even more impressive content and smoother operations, making it a must-attend for both hip-hop and finance enthusiasts.

Written & Photos by: Caligrafist

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