Roskamala’s “Out Of The Maze”: A Melodic Guide To Embracing Imperfections & Finding Your Tribe

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Roskamala’s “Out Of The Maze”: A Melodic Guide To Embracing Imperfections & Finding Your Tribe

Pop scene’s budding sensation, Roskamala, embarks on a soul-stirring journey, plunging deep into the realms of alienation and estrangement from the world in her latest enchanting single, “Out Of The Maze.”  With her vocal and lyrical prowess, this musical genius delves into the depths of her being, passionately seeking growth towards her ultimate self. She breaks down the essence of the single and unveils the magical process behind the accompanying visuals.

Regarding the single, she expresses:

“I put a lot of effort into every detail of this song for the audience. I wish that younger people or even adults like me who watch and listen to the song can ease the feelings of ‘I don’t feel like I belong’ whether at home or in society. Everything starts from within. Be the best version of yourself and you’ll be surprised how you attract the right people who will make you feel included and accepted. Be true to yourself and rejections are just a part of life. Don’t overthink it.”

Shedding light on the video’s inspiration, Roskamala shares her creative vision:

“In my opinion, people have two worlds; true reality and the thoughts you create in your own head. In the music video, the reality is the robot, and the rest of the characters are my perceptions of myself being a human. For me to balance both worlds, I do my best every day to stay in reality ( Facts ) and not take all of my thoughts seriously, which is a task I have to work on everyday. I have mental issues, bipolar and borderline personality disorder that create a lot of negative thoughts a million times a day. Sometimes I find it funny that if I have to be honest about my career, it is mainly dealing with my thoughts; it’s probably my full-time job.”

In the wake of her highly acclaimed EP, Truth She Told, Roskamala’s highly awaited follow-up, Lies She Told, unfolds as a captivating sequel to her previous release. Evolving towards a more uplifting and exuberant musical landscape, the tracks resonate with a deep embrace of imperfections. This record sets out to ignite a flame of inspiration for cultivating a positive mindset, emphasizing that by embracing the brighter side of life, one can gracefully confront and conquer a significant portion of their challenges.

Watch the music video for “Out Of The Maze” below:

Listen to “Out Of The Maze” on Spotify:

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