Saweetie “Don’t Say Nothing”

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Saweetie “Don’t Say Nothing”

Saweetie back.

After a quiet couple of months, Saweetie brings the noise on her new record, “Don’t Say Nothing”.

Produced by 1500 Or Nothing, the Icy Chick pops off on the media and the fellas who can’t keep their mouth shut.

“Why niggas always speaking on who I’m fucking on? / He must’ve got excited when I FaceTimed with nothing on,,” raps Saweetie. “Them same lips that’s yapping be the ones I nutted on / A hundred K, please know how much paper I be touching on,”

The track is off The Single Life EP which drops Friday (Nov. 18) and is the prequel to her long-awaited debut album, Pretty Bitch Music.

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