Brian Ligon Drops A Stunning Jazz Album Nowhere But Here II


Brian Ligon Drops A Stunning Jazz Album Nowhere But Here II

Brian Ligon shares another stunning jazz album that pushes the boundaries of definition; Nowhere But Here II is jam-packed with exquisite pieces that promise to take the listener on a fascinating journey. The collection opens with an innovative track called “Bad” which masterfully incorporates the keyboards with percussion and modern synths. Of course, the most impressive piece of the collection is “Nowhere But Here II” itself, a song whose bass guitar and percussion are bound to remind the listeners of “Lily Was Here” played by David A. Stewart and Candy Dulfer. 

Influenced by legendary artists like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Earth, Wind & Fire, Ligon’s first album, Nowhere But Here arrived in 2016 with eleven tracks. Since then, the multi-talented musician has released a number of prominent singles like “Hakuna Matata”, “Lady”, “Twilight”, and so on. After receiving a degree in Recording Industry Studies in 2007 from Butler University, the artist continued his musical journey, doing an internship with Big3 Studios under the guidance of  Jim “Pinky” Beeman which led him to the achievements mentioned above. 

The multi-instrumentalist certainly has much to share, so stay tuned for more, and make sure to check out Nowhere But Here II below!

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