Smino “Matinee”

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Smino “Matinee”

Pop yo’ shit, it’s all right!

With his album Luv 4 Rent scheduled for October 28, Smino checks in with forthcoming project’s latest offering.

Produced by Kal Banx, the St. Louis rapper sobers up and recalls his recent rendezvous. “St. Louis to Shanghai / St. Lucia, can’t lose, we loose, we Goose’d up, baby,” he boasts on the hook, while display some witty wordplay. “Divas, digits and dollars, prolly won’t ever change / If I do, I put it in cup, like, “Glad you came” / Mike Jones, yeah, we tippin’, baby, you think I’m playin’? / Suck me, pay your tuition, thank me at graduation.”

“Matinee” comes off the heels of his J.Cole-featured “‘90 Proof” and his Kobe Bryant-inspired “24-8” which are all set to appear on Luv 4 Rent.

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