Vic Mensa Ft. Chance The Rapper, G-Eazy “$wish”

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Vic Mensa Ft. Chance The Rapper, G-Eazy “$wish”



From the Chi to the Bay, Vic Mensa is balling out of control on his new “$wish” single featuring Chance The Rapper and G-Eazy.

Backed by BongOnTheWay’s rattling production, Vic flexes inevitably on the catching hook.

“Fist look like Thanos, I got way too many stones / Swish, see me mobbing in new rag, I’m Al Capone,” he raps before shouting bigging up his collaborator. “She sent a peach emoji, shoutout to all the pear / My side bitch look like Lori, but Chano still the Mayor,” he continues.

Elsewhere, Chance lays down a cold verse (“I got too much jewelry, bought a twin for every bracelet / Sorry to the judge, the jury duty, couldn’t make it.”) and G-Eazy brings his West Coast flow. (“This dick is Hermes, stop playing, bitch / A hundred on my necklace, a hundred on my right wrist.”

“$wish” is the follow-up to his “Strawberry Louis Vuitton” drop from January. In March, G-Eazy made his return with new single, “Tulips & Roses“.

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