Video: Fivio Foreign “Drillin” + “One Night”

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Video: Fivio Foreign “Drillin” + “One Night”


Put your helmets on.

Fivio Foreign plays his cards right for his new video, “Drillin”.

Directed by JLShotThat, Gaslty, and Jix, the Brooklyn rapper unleashes his menacing raps during a poker game with his armed goons.

“We spent two blocks in one night, nigga still hiding, so I’m still tight / We don’t catch a body, I ain’t getting hype / Smoking on a, huh, now you pay the price,” Fivio raps as he stacks his chips and holds his opp captive. “Got a baby shootеr, he don’t think twice / He just wanna drill, hе don’t wanna fight.”

In addition to “Drillin”, Fivio Foreign also released the video for “One Night”. where Fivio lays down his preferences of a sexual fling at a house gathering with friends.

“I don’t like her, I don’t give her no effort / Having sex is a part of my checklist / Me getting head is a part of my breakfast / Do you love me, is it part of my questions?,” he casually raps with his cups in hand.

Both tracks are off Fivio Foreign’s Without Warning mixtape, which he dropped unexpectedly and exclusively on SoundCloud and YouTube. It also features his latest collaboration with Kanye West, “Concussions“.

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