Video: Macklemore Ft. Windser “Next Year”

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Video: Macklemore Ft. Windser “Next Year”

The Mack is back.

Macklemore is looking forward to the “Next Year” on his new single featuring Windser.

Reuniting with Ryan Lewis behind the boards, the Seattle native makes a triumphant return rapping his hiatus, bouncing back in the game, and enjoying his blessings.

The release arrives with the music video directed by Jason Koenig and Ryan Lewis. It follows Macklemore’s daring commute to work, which is interrupted when his wife goes into labor. Following an accident along his route, he makes it just in time for the birth of their child, before the clip ends insinuating that he may not be the father. To be continued.

This marks Macklemore’s first single of the year. In January, he celebrated the former president’s departure with his “Trumps Over Freestyle“.

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