Young Scooter Ft. Future “Hard To Handle”

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Young Scooter Ft. Future “Hard To Handle”


A Freebandz takeover.

Young Scooter is hard as they come on his and Future’s latest collaboration, “Hard To Handle”.

Produced by DY Krazy and Slowburnz and DY Krazy, the Freebandz deliver their street-oriented raps.

“You in gang territory, police carrying through grievances / Told my homie he’d never seen this shit, but he want all of it, woah,” raps Hendrix on the hook, while Scooter sets it off. “A mill cash in all twentiеs, shit look real sloppy / Introduce the world to jugging, let these rappers copy.”

The track is off Young Scooter’s forthcoming album, Streets Krazy.

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