Alanis Morissette Covered The Yellowjackets Theme Song “No Return”

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Alanis Morissette Covered The Yellowjackets Theme Song “No Return”


The second season of Showtime’s hit Yellowjackets is underway, and with it comes the requisite musical promo tie-ins. A few weeks ago Florence + The Machine released a trailerized cover of No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” as part of the Yellowjackets media swarm. Now Alanis Morissette has covered the show’s theme song.

The original “No Return” is by Shudder To Think’s Craig Wedren and That Dog.’s Anna Waronker, the pair of ’90s alt-rock veterans who handled the Yellowjackets score. The Alanis version of the song is so faithful that it almost sounds like she just laid new vocals down over the original track, but that music’s spooky alt-rock vibe really lends itself to her piercing wail.

Speaking to Variety, Morissette shared this statement:

I love the original version of “No Return,” It’s just a perfect song. It was a little daunting to be asked to reinterpret it but I see parallels between Yellowjackets and my perspective while songwriting: the sheer intensity, that going for the jugular with no fear around going for the profane.

I’ve strived my entire career to support the empowerment of women and sensitives and see the world through the female lens, and what’s so wonderful about this show is that each character is allowed to be dynamic and complex as opposed to oversimplified, reduced versions of women.

Listen to the cover in extended and abbreviated versions below.

Yellowjackets airs Sundays at 9PM on Showtime.

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