Amber Arcades – “Just Like Me”


Amber Arcades – “Just Like Me”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf and her Amber Arcades project; European Heartbreak, the last Amber Arcades project, came out back in 2018. Early next year, Amber Arcades will return with the new LP Barefoot On Diamond Road. Annelotte de Graaf recorded the new LP with producer Ben Greenberg, a past collaborator, and she’s just shared first single “Just Like Me.” It’s a woozy, shimmering psychedelic pop song that layers de Graaf’s vocals all over each other.

In a press release, de Graaf says:

I wrote this song when I had just moved to Amsterdam, right before the lockdown. It was a sequence of extremes; we lived dead center. At first, we couldn’t go out of the house without being in a huge crowd of people, then overnight it felt like an apocalyptic ghost town. The song is about the tension between togetherness and being alone that comes with living in an urban environment. The need for both but then often not being quite satisfied with either.

Below, listen to “Just Like Me” and check out the Barefoot On Diamond Road tracklist.

01 “Diamond Road”
02 “Odd To Even”
03 “Contain”
04 “Water Stains”
05 “Life Is Coming Home”
06 “Through”
07 “True Love”
08 “Just Like Me”
09 “I’m Not There”
10 “You Could Never Let Me Down”

Barefoot On Diamond Road is out 2/10 on Fire Records.

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