Antonio Blue’s “Nigerian Royalty” is A Major Banger


Antonio Blue’s “Nigerian Royalty” is A Major Banger

Antonio Blue has released a latest single titled “Nigerian Royalty,” further introducing his innate abilities at consistently creating major bangers. Antonio Blue is also the creator of his own podcast, Rawtv 101, to be streamed on his YouTube channel in which he talks about a diversity of topics ranging from racism to politics, history, economics, and fatherhood. 

Blue first made the buzz with the singles “She Wants Love Now” (Off EP Euphoria) and “Whatever You Want,” and “Salsa In the Bed.” 

The award winning artist has been recognized by his fans and peers as one of the most talented artists in R&B, and “Nigerian Royalty” is one more proof of his fine artistry, unmatchable skills, and vision for tomorrow’s trendiest urban sounds.

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