Avey Tare – “Invisible Darlings”

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Avey Tare – “Invisible Darlings”


Animal Collective’s Avey Tare will release his new solo album 7s at the end of this week. Today he’s sharing one last single to go along with dual lead tracks “The Musical” and “Hey Bog.” Built around a delicately glimmering piano riff, “Invisible Darlings” is sort of a sophisti-pop spin on the woozy sound Avey has been cranking out for years.

A little story from the artist:

Once while taking a road trip with my girlfriend we stopped into a Steak ’n Shake to use the bathroom and get a milkshake. I wasn’t in the best mood. There was lots of traffic and the weather was gloomy, stress on the brain. The server asked what my name was. I told her and she said, “We had a Daniel in here last week. I asked him what it was like in the lion’s den.” I smiled and she continued with some humorous banter for a moment. She stepped away and returned with our milkshakes. “I stuck my finger in both of them just to make sure they taste good,” she said. I busted out laughing. “Nice one,” I said. Back at the car I felt lighter and was joking around as well. The interaction and the joke stuck with me for some time.

I had just come face to face with an invisible darling. An unlikely person doing a simple positive act to help me get through the day. The people that pick up things we’ve carelessly dropped. Help us move. Tell us a joke to make us smile. In a world where it seems like sometimes the only newsworthy things are the terrible things happening and the race to survive exceeds all, it’s healthy to open your eyes and see that there are good things happening around us all the time. It can make a person want to participate.

“Invisible Darlings” has a video by Avey’s sister Abby Portner, which you can watch below.

7s is out 2/17 on Domino.

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