Balming Tiger – “Kamehameha”

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Balming Tiger – “Kamehameha”


It feels like the alternative K-pop collective and Band To Watch Balming Tiger have released a few “debut albums” at this point, but whatever. In October they’ll release January Never Dies, billed as their official debut studio album. Today’s new single “Kamehameha” is inspired by a song sung during a Korean drinking game, and it compares the feeling of being drunk and confident to the Dragon Ball finishing move of the same name. Watch the video below.

01 “BTB”
02 “Buriburi”
03 “Pigeons And Plastic (Interlude)”
04 “Bodycoke”
05 “Kamehameha”
06 “5:5 Dharma (Interlude)”
07 “Sudden Attack”
08 “SEXY NUKIM” (Feat. RM of BTS)
09 “Trust Yourself”
10 “Riot”
11 “UP!”
12 “Moving Forward”
13 “Scumbag”
14 “SOS”

January Never Dies is out 10/19 on AWAL.

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