Ben LaMar Gay – “Aunt Lola And The Quail”


Ben LaMar Gay – “Aunt Lola And The Quail”

Back in September, Ben LaMar Gay announced his new album Open Arms To Open Us. At the time, he also shared its opening track and lead single, a collab with Ohmme called “Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You.” (It ranked amongst our favorite songs that week.) Since then, he’s unveiled two more tracks, “Oh Great Be The Lake” and “Mestre Candeia’s Denim Hat.” Today, he’s back with another one.

Gay’s latest is called “Aunt Lola And The Quail.” It’s inspired by him spending childhood summers down in Alabama on his Aunt Lola’s land. “Aunt Lola and I would stand still and listen together,” Gay said in a statement. “We would immediately become aware of the winds approaching through the wavering pines, quail sounds, and the chatter of distant cousins just up the road.”

Check it out below.

Open Arms To Open Us is out 11/19 on International Anthem/Nonesuch. Pre-order it here.

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