Black Belt Eagle Scout – “Don’t Give Up”


Black Belt Eagle Scout – “Don’t Give Up”

Black Belt Eagle Scout’s most recent album, At The Party With My Brown Friends, came out in 2019. Since then, she’s offered up a couple covers, but today she’s back with her first new track in 3 years, “Don’t Give Up,” which is warm and hushed and contains some big, gorgeous, billowing melodies.

“‘Don’t Give Up’ is a song about mental health awareness and the importance that my connection to the land plays within my own mental health journey,” Paul shared in a statement, continuing:

Spending time with the land and on the water are ways that strengthen my connection to my ancestors and to my culture. It helps heal my spirit and is the form of self-care that helps me the most. The lyrics ‘I don’t give up’ mean staying alive. I wrote this song for me but also for my community and anyone who deals with challenging mental health issues to remind us just how much of a role our connection to the environment plays within our healing process. At the end of the song when I sing ‘the land, the water, the sky,’ I wanted to sing it like my late grandfather Alexander Paul Sr. sang in our family’s big drum group – from the heart.

Listen below.

“Don’t Give Up” is out now via Saddle Creek.

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