Body Meat – “Focus”

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Body Meat – “Focus”


There’s Meatbodies, and then there’s Body Meat. They’re not the same thing. Body Meat is the alias of Chris Taylor, but not the Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear. Instead, this Chris Taylor is a Philly DIY artist who’s been making chaotic, splattery, rhythmically playful music since 2016. Body Meat has released the EPs Truck Music and Year Of The Orc, and he’s also collaborated with people like Injury Reserve and the Spirit Of The Beehive side project draag me. Today, Body Meat has released his first single for his new label Partisan.

The new Body Meat track is called “Focus,” a funny name for a song that refuses to resolve itself. “Focus” is a pop song on some level, but it rushes in a million directions, always threatening to erupt into skittery IDM. Chris Taylor’s singing voice is flat and calm, but everything else about the track is the total opposite. In director Rich Smith’s apparently-very-symbolic video, Taylor drags a rope through a forest and climbs through an air vent with a flashlight like John McClain. Watch it below.

“Focus” is out now on Partisan.

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