Charli XCX – “Von Dutch”

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Charli XCX – “Von Dutch”


Charli XCX has shared “Von Dutch,” the lead single from her sixth full-length album, which is called Brat. She officially announced her Crash follow-up yesterday, with a tweet saying that it’ll be due out this summer, has 15 songs, and is 41m23s long.

A few days before that, she tweeted: “i was born to make dance music.. i came from the clubs.. xcx6 is the album i’ve always wanted to make.”

In an interview with The Face that came out earlier this month, she talked a bit more about the direction of the new album. “I kinda miss the time when pop music was really volatile and crazy,” she said. “I miss the Paris Hilton days. Everybody is so worried about everything right now, how they’re perceived, if this art they’ve created is going to offend anyone. It limits creative output to think like that.” She said she’s “over this idea of metaphor and beauty in art — I just want directness from me,” and that she “wants things to feel quick and fast and dirty.”

And in true Charli fashion, she was ready to talk some shit about her last album: “There were songs on Crash that I would never listen to,” specifically calling out “Yuck” as an example. “I needed to switch after Crash — I wasn’t born to do radio liners. That’s not who I am at all.”

“Von Dutch” was produced by EASYFUN, and its Torso-directed music video was shot at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport. Watch and listen below.

Brat is out this summer.

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