Cannibal Corpse Announce Coloring Book

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Cannibal Corpse Announce Coloring Book


Cannibal Corpse are releasing a coloring book. The band has partnered with the company Rock ‘N’ Roll Colouring for The Official Cannibal Corpse Colouring Book, which will be released on December 1. It was created in collaboration with Vince Locke, the graphic artist who has been designing Cannibal Corpse’s gnarly album artwork since the death metal band began.

“Going over art for the book, it was surprising to see just how much 30 years of collaboration yielded,” Locke shared, via Metal Hammer. “It’s rare that I see it all compiled together. There are a few pieces that had to be included, some that were favourites of myself or the band, and some that just lent themselves well to colouring.”

“I’m always playing, trying different materials and techniques,” Locke continued. “Hope you do the same with these colouring pages. Try watercolour markers, crayons, and coloured pencils, adding your own details. You’ll probably go through a lot of red, but be creative, have fun, make it your own!”

The Official Cannibal Corpse Colouring Book is available to pre-order here. Note that it is not for sale in Germany, “subject to German law and regulations” (per the product description). The band’s first three albums were banned in Germany for over a decade, until it was lifted in 2006.

In the past, Rock ‘N’ Roll Colouring have teamed up with Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Motörhead, Judas Priest, and more for coloring books.

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