CHAI – “My Dream”


CHAI – “My Dream”

CHAI have followed up last year’s WINK with a string of singles over the past few months — “Whole,” “Surprise,” and the Superoganism-featuring “Hero Journey” — and today they’re back with another new one called “My Dream.” It’s pulsing and dreamy and builds to an elegiac, sunny conclusion.

“When you’re doing something you love, in whatever way you want to, those are the times in life when you feel irresistibly great,” the group’s YUUKI said in a statement. “The things you love so much that you even dream about, are the very things that shouldn’t be left just as dreams! Nothing can beat your “LOVE” for something! That’s what we felt when we saw the film, and we put all of that into this song.”

Check it out below.

“MY DREAM” is out now via Sub Pop.

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