Cigarettes After Sex – "You're All I Want"


Cigarettes After Sex – "You're All I Want"

Back in October, the extremely popular Cigarettes After Sex released their sophomore album, Cry. It continued to refine the sound that first brought the band adoration — ambient, dreamy, obsessed with love and lust. Earlier today, Cigarettes After Sex began teasing a new song called “You’re All I Want.” And now, that new song has arrived.

If you’re familiar with and amenable to the template of Cigarettes After Sex music, then you’ll likely be won over by “You’re All I Want quickly enough. Greg Gonzalez coos extremely Cigarettes After Sex lines like, “You’re all I want/ We fucked so hot it left me faded/ For all you are/ There is no other love, it’s only yours. The whole thing exists in a smoky, moody atmosphere — like one long reflective swoon. You know, you’re really taking a swing if you name your band something like Cigarettes After Sex, but you can’t say they’re not going for a very, very specific vibe and achieving it.

No word yet on whether “You’re All I Want” is a standalone single or part of some larger project. Check it out below.

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