CMAT – “Mayday”

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CMAT – “Mayday”


Last year, the Irish musician Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson — who puts out music under her initials CMAT — released her debut full-length If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, a charming collection of pop-rock songs that garnered the musician a vocal contingent of fans, particularly among the Stereogum commentariat. Today, Thompson has dropped a new single, “Mayday,” which she describes as “a very sexy song about climate change.” CMAT elaborated:

I found the inspiration for the song last summer. My boyfriend was on tour and flying into a country that was at the time being evacuated for forest fires. I was so anxious, I kept asking for him to text me when he landed. Eventually he did, like: ‘hey! The runway is on fire’. I thought the human anxieties of the oncoming climate change disaster are something that are either not spoken about, or spoken about in big, sweeping, dramatic statements. I wanted to bring it back down to something pretty mundane and quite funny. Like the musical equivalent of a Coronation Street episode about fracking.

Listen below.

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