“Nitasema” By Jay Melody Out Now

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“Nitasema” By Jay Melody Out Now

Tanzanian powerhouse of contemporary music Jay Melody just shared “Nitasema”, a new single to mark his territory in the wondrous world of Afrobeats. There’s energy and fluidity to this piece that is of the highest level of execution, something that only comes to an artist with years of experience. Jay Melody proves once again that he knows exactly what he’s doing as he weaves and spins words into beats and beats into synths. Starting off chill and breezy, the song progresses into a more intense melody as well as higher notes, which helps to ground “Nitasema” and keep the listener engaged. 

Jay Melody is a singer-songwriter, actor, and model born and raised in Dar es Salaam, the business city of Tanzania. Throughout his career, the artist has been very active in helping the youth through his edutainment program UNI FRIENDS. His music is well-known in the local scene, making Jay one of the most relevant artists of his community. With hits like “Sugar” (850K streams) and “Nakupenda” (1,7M streams), and of course hundreds upon thousands of fans, Jay Melody has so much more to share! 

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