Cory Hanson – “Twins”

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Cory Hanson – “Twins”


Cory Hanson, frontman of the Los Angeles psychedelic rock band Wand, has a new solo album coming out this summer. I’m sure Hanson gave a great deal of thought to the question of what he should call this new album, and he decided that the title should be Western Cum. Bold! We’ve already posted that album’s first single “Housefly,” and now Hanson has also shared another new one called “Twins.”

It’s hard to say whether “Twins” has anything to do with cum, though I guess twins themselves can only exist because of cum. But “Twins” does sound pretty western. Hanson and his backing band layer on pedal steel and Eagles-style harmonies, and the song achieves majestic country-rock prettiness. Check it out below.

Drag City is shooting Western Cum out into the world 6/28.

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