Dead Best – “Life, Love, And Liberty”


Dead Best – “Life, Love, And Liberty”

Dead Best is a new project from Adam Goren (of Adam And His Package) and Brian Sokel, who have been friends and tourmates for years but never made music together until the pandemic. They are neighbors in Philadelphia and started to work on music together to see what happened. What happened is a whole album, Dead Best, which will be out via Don Giovanni on December 10. Lead single “Life, Love, And Liberty” is fast but frothy, breaking into a sing-songy breakdown after a minute of build-up. Check it out below.

01 “Life, Love, And Liberty”
02 “Dead Teachers”
03 “Deaf, Dumb And Blind”
04 “Zombies Of Love”
05 “The Grind”
06 “Dooms”
07 “Just Sounds”
08 “The Lure”
09 “Stop Me Before”
10 “What God?”
11 “Haunt You”
12 “Cured”
13 “American”

Dead Best is out 12/10 via Don Giovanni. Pre-order it here.

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