DIIV – “Frog In Boiling Water”

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DIIV – “Frog In Boiling Water”


Last fall, long before announcing new album Frog In Boiling Water, DIIV shared new song “Soul-Net” through a mysterious website. They’ve since released “Brown Paper Bag” and “Everyone Out” via conventional channels, but today the title track arrives through another bespoke outpost on the internet.

“Frog In Boiling Water” moves at sort of a relentless midtempo, steadily sweeping over you with the latest permutation of DIIV’s signature grungy, dreamy sound. Like all the rest of the tracks they’ve released from the new album, it’s tremendous. In a press release, the band writes, “The title track of DIIV’s new album Frog In Boiling Water is a snapshot of a world collapsing under its own weight. A cascade of atrocities wash over a population seemingly too stunned and powerless to act. Wealth is extracted and people suffer. The only obvious solution is” — after which the statement is blacked out. Again with the mysteriousness!

“Frog In Boiling Water” is available to hear at FIBW.org, where it’s followed by several minutes of ominous droning. Frog In Boiling Water is out 5/24 via Fantasy.

UPDATE: Here’s the official YouTube stream…

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