Zero Point Energy – “All That You Want”

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Zero Point Energy – “All That You Want”


Zero Point Energy is the team of Genesis Edenfield and Ben Jackson, two former members of the Atlanta band Warehouse who are now both based in New York. They’ll release their debut album Tilted Planet next month, and we’ve already posted the early singles “Over My Head” and “Closer To You.” Today, they’ve also shared the bright, jangly indie-pop jam “All That You Want.” In a press release, Jackson says it’s about “the struggle between a higher aspirational self and the temptations of easy things.” Jackson goes on:

I think most people might assume it relates to drugs or consumption generally, and in a way it does. But more so it just refers to choosing the easy things rather than the harder and more necessary things a person should pursue. It’s about trying to break out of a normal mode of being and push into something more.

Listen to “All That You Want” below.

Tilted Planet is out 5/17 on Danger Collective.

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