Eve Owen – "Mother"


Eve Owen – "Mother"

Eve Owen is a 20-year-old British singer-songwriter whose debut album Don’t Let The Ink Dry is coming out next week on Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner’s 37d03d label. Dessner also produced the album at his Long Pond Studio in the Hudson Valley, and judging from early singles like “Blue Moon,” it’s going to be good.

Today, Owen shares one more single before the LP drops. “Mother” piles gorgeous layers atop her dusky balladry in a way that fans of Dessner’s work with the National will surely appreciate: a snappy electronic pulse, symphonic orchestration, a midair guitar distortion ballet. As for what Owen’s alto bellows are communicating, here’s her statement:

I wanted the energy of this song, sonically, to really embody a coming of age story, a stirring adrenaline-fueled crescendo. “Mother” is about a big energy, a big being always there to hold you and heal you when needed—whether that being is in your dreams, in music, in your family, in ideas, in who you are, in what you want to be. This energy never leaves if you keep it close by. It’s saying if you fall, there will always be someone or something to pick you back up again, so you can jump and live and explore without hesitation and fear. The song is about having an internal mother and trusting your gut.

Hear “Mother” below.

Don’t Let The Ink Dry is out 5/8 on 37d03d. Pre-order it here.

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