Flyte – “Tough Love” (Feat. Laura Marling)

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Flyte – “Tough Love” (Feat. Laura Marling)


Obviously you want to hear a new song featuring Laura Marling. This one comes from Flyte, the duo of Will Taylor and Nicholas Hill, recruited Marling to sing on their freshly released single.

“Tough Love,” which will appear on Flyte’s new self-titled album, is a steadily chugging but understated indie-pop tune that smartly intensifies near the end. With all due respect to the Flyte guys, it absolutely lights up when Marling’s voice appears about 75 seconds in. “I’ve been feeding you fear/ You’ve been keeping me thin,” Marling sings. “I’ve been trying my best to feel you near/ Without me disappearing.”

In a press release, Taylor says, “It takes two people to prop up an unhealthy relationship, so a duet seemed appropriate, and Laura Marling felt like the perfect fit.” Listen below.

01 “Speech Bubble”
02 “Defender”
03 “Press Play”
04 “Don’t Forget About Us”
05 “Perfect Dark”
06 “Even On Bad Days”
07 “Tough Love” (Feat. Laura Marling)
08 “Amy”
09 “Chelsea Smiles”
10 “Better Than Blue”
11 “Bedtime Reminder”

Flyte is out 10/27 on Nettwerk. Pre-order it here.

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