Video: Stormzy Ft. Raye “The Weekend”

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Video: Stormzy Ft. Raye “The Weekend”


Let’s stay for the weekend.

Stormzy’s bringing Saturday love into a Sunday funday with his new single, “The Weekend” featuring Raye.

Directed by Omar Jones, the matching visuals captures the London artists embracing an unexpected and temporary love affair.

“I met a man when I was out / Oh, and his eyes was such a different shade of brown,” sings Raye, while Stormzy sweet talks his lady of interest. “I can’t buy you bags, girl, you are the bag / They should hang you up, you’re an artifact / You’re my sweeter love, that’s a heart attack.”

“The Weekend” arrives on the heels of Stormzy’s previous release, “Toxic Trait” featuring Fredo.

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