Free Time – “That’s Rare”


Free Time – “That’s Rare”

Way back in 2016, the New York guitar-pop band Free Time released their album In Search Of Free Time. Six years later, they finally found enough hours to follow it up.

According to the Bandcamp description, the forthcoming Jangle Jargon was recorded in two main bursts of activity starting in 2017: first with Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere in Ridgewood, Queens and then in frontperson Dion Nania’s hometown of Melbourne with guests including Martin Frawley of Twerps, Amy Franz of Super Wild Horses, and a dog named Wally. Nania’s academic career forced a hiatus in the recording process, but having planted himself back in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last year, he decided to revisit and finish the sessions.

The first single from the album, “That’s Rare,” brims with the nervy propulsion that has long typified jangly guitar bands from Oceania; I hear echoes of the Flying Nun extended universe and current peers like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Check it out below.


01 “Never Your Turn”
02 “Beak In A Cup”
03 “Half Measures”
04 “The Terrace”
05 “Long Centuries”
06 “That’s Rare”
07 “Jangle Jargon”
08 “Disciplines And Mastery”
09 “Turn It Over”
10 “Lost World”

Jangle Jargon is out 9/30.

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