Get Wrong – “Too Late To Hide”

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Get Wrong – “Too Late To Hide”


Get Wrong is a new project from members of two undersung UK indie-pop bands, Martha’s Naomi Griffin and the Spook School’s Adam Todd. Last month, they released their first-ever single, “It’s So Easy.” It’ll appear on Get Wrong, their eponymous debut EP, which was produced by Field Music’s Peter Brewis. The music that Griffin and Todd are making is more synthy and soft than the ramshackle punk that they played before in their respective projects, but it contains the same sweet melodies. Today, they’re sharing a new song they made together, “Too Late To Hide.”

“It went through loads of rewrites which is funny cause it’s probably the shortest and most simple song on the EP,” Todd noted in a press release. “It started with a demo of the chorus bassline and chords that I sent through to Naomi, and Naomi almost immediately sent it back with the vocal line and lyrics. Then we got stuck. We spent so long swapping in and out different verse ideas.”

While in the studio, Brewis told them to simply start off with the chorus. Todd continued:

So that’s what we did. I like to think that the unusual verse length adds a bit of surprise, a wee feeling of things being rushed or not quite right in a way that works quite well thematically with the song. The song is quite simply about getting in your head too much to the point that it ruins your night, but nothing that a little one-on-one time with a cutie can’t fix.

Listen below.

The Get Wrong EP is out 12/1 via Father/Daughter (US) / Alcopop! (UK).

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