Glasser – “All Lovers”

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Glasser – “All Lovers”


Recording under the name Glasser, the musician Cameron Mesirow released two album of spectral, idiosyncratic electronic pop in the early ’00s. Then, she went silent for years. There was a mixtape called Sextape in 2018 and the one-off single “New Scars,” but that was it. This fall, Glasser will return with crux, her first proper album in a full decade. We’ve already posted the early songs “Vine” and “Drift,” and now she’s also shared the new one “All Lovers.”

“All Lovers” is a warped, meditative track that transforms Cameron Mesirow’s voice into clipped waves. It’s pretty and evocative and just a tiny bit unsettling. In the video, Mesirow treads water in a swimming pool, staring intently at something offscreen. Here’s what Mesirow says about the song:

It just kind of happened. I didn’t really have a great lyrical plan. I was going through a breakup, and I just sang some of the words that were on the page and felt their shape more than their meaning. On the last record, I sometimes felt I was laboring words that I then regretted later. I really struggled with myself and my identity around that because I think of myself an articulate person, but this is just another area for me. I am articulate in speech, but I’m more of a melodic person. I think the color conveys the message better than my words ever could.

Check out the “All Lovers” video below.

crux is out 10/6 on One Little Independent Records.

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